Friday, 21 October 2011

Sexual Abuse of a Baby Boy

Once upon a time
there was an orange boy
who lived in a fruit basket.
He had beautiful orange skin
juicy flesh and a rotund happiness.
Then one day someone came along
and peeled him off.
He lost his orange skin and was bare.
Slowly he lost himself
One by one, bit by bit
His seeds were spurt across.
He lost his tender skin, his juice, his all.
An orange he was, an orange small.


  1. Is this serious, humorous or something else????!!!

  2. Loved that shock my dear friend! No,this is a very rude allegory. The sexual abuse of a baby boy is something he does not understand,except that he has lost something and something bad has happened to him.The seeds,the juice of his tender mind and memory is splattered across his being and he looses himself. Incidents of children losing words after such harassments is a common occurance.