Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hurry hurry my love
Hurry to my arms
Fly away doth your hues
Fly away your charms
Life awaits none my maid
Life only awaits the end
Love love let me my honey
For I am your beloved fiend.
Eyes eyes over me baby
Eyes on my earthly face
Lips lips on you bunny
On your lovely grace
Be not so coy my hun
Be not so foully shy
For if thou shalt do so
Then, I will bid good bye.
I am essentially male my love
As male a male could be
Come and deck my heart my love
Let's build a memory!

Take my heart, my soul, my all
Take my feather shape
Feel my throbbing veins my man
Feel my cloudy nape.

No time for all that silk my hun,
No time for all the play.
Save time before we die
Give me a roll in the hay!

My man, my golden gilted man
My man of gift and gab
You know not what a woman wants
You are naught but a crab!

A lemon balm of love and want
An ensemble of pearly times
A man who would for me bring
The gold dust of ancient time.
I give him all, my bod my soul
For him my heart can crime.

Forget it lady, adios I say!
Farewell my senorita!
I want not all, your bod not soul
Give me just my platter!

Adios signoir, I wish you may
Wake up from your dream.
Life is all -- body and soul,
Love is but the cream!