Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cast Away

I have lost them. Forever. Time has taken them away from me -- changed priorities, changed wants, changed importances. They are no more close enough to share warmth, or tears, or fears. They have all left -- leaving the darkness to me. I have been trying to cope up for some months. I have lost my bubble and froth. I have lost my laugh. I kept wondering what is amiss? What is wrong? Why is it incomplete when it shouldn't be? So many selves restrict a relationship, a bond or maybe none at all that existed. I  dont know what to think and how to cope. I loved them all so much. But then, love is naught, love is the shade of fire. 
I burn now. I am almost dead

1 comment:

  1. prose poem?or just a troubled confession?
    I wish you the rediscovery of fizz...