Friday, 5 August 2011

To his Love

And you thought you know me well!

You would never know what's going in my mind
Right Now
You would never know that I wrote for you
Some times, at times, always.
You would never know that I loved sweetcorn soup
Not the chicken one you liked.
I love hot  spicy, I love white roses, I love sugar candy
You would never know, you have forgotten
Perhaps, must have ...
You would never know I used to wake nights
Waiting for the morning to come, you to come,
How I would day dream about you, fantasize
You would never know.
Neither would I.
It's all an old story now, a bleak past that we should
And let things blow down, as per norm, towards null.
You would never know how deep I loved you

But it doesn't matter now, dear.
You barely have ever known me as your own
Barely looked into my eyes and seen your image

Darling, how does it matter now?
Whether I loved you so madly then?
What matters now is,

I love the new lady whose photo you see on my bed
She is my goddess, my sin, my wine now
The adders run on my sheets
Yellow sunflowers shining on my sill

Ah, and you thought you know me at all!


  1. there is a Jimmy Porter flavour to this.the sudden metaphoric flourish of the final lines is quite terrific.kudos!

  2. Oh wow! I got a kudos? Glad you liked it so much. :)