Saturday, 4 June 2011

A thought

Breakers in the sea. Washing all the shores apart. Connections made in void. Some dreams that broke away. Silence that spoke in numerous words and words that failed. Where do we put our pains? Where do we hide our sorrows? Is it that easy to forget someone? Those people who had meant so much? Those who have let ypu alone? The green tops of high trees remain silent. Sway in the Mongolian breeze. How do you show someone that you dont care? Avoid them? Avoid eyes? Make a grimace? Make a hard face? Escape? Then chew on the fleeting image you have gathered in that past second? Tears forgotten. Lonely nights and sighs in the sun. It's not that easy to break away. Histories remain, somewhere. Love, friendships, pain ... who cares? Everyone.

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